About Us

Company Profile

IAVG Company Limited was established in 2008, and began business as an importer and trader, specializing in supplying imported recyclable scrap plastics material to the local Vietnamese reprocessing industry. To assist in the Circular Economy, we focus to reduce consumption, reuse products, and recycle excess waste.

In 2009, the Company established its own reprocessing facility, selling the reprocessed resin as raw material to various domestic and foreign customers.

We have transformed our company away from in-house manufacturing, into outsourcing all our manufacturing operations, and focusing on expansion of our sourcing and customer networks. Of course, we still maintain processing and quality oversight on our manufacturing partners, as we are responsible to our clients for the same.

We have leveraged on our experience and expertise to become a specialist in our field of recycling; taking on advisory roles and forming strategic partnerships to assist other recyclers to implement new technology, techniques and developing new markets.

IAVG has built up a network of international sources of technology providers, strategic partners, recyclers, waste management and sustainability organizations. We have also been fortunate to obtain a large wealth of knowledge and experience from our peers around the world. We have learned some of the best practices and modern technology to enable sustainablity in a fast growing economy.

Our Mission

To work with strategic partners, brand/business owners and government organizations on issues like waste collection & segregation, raising consumer awareness and improvements in regulatory framework to support a sustainable initiative in Vietnam.

Bring the latest practices and technology to enable all stakeholders in this initiative to achieve their sustainability agendas in an economically feasible manner.

To enable brand/business stakeholders in this initiative to effectively use locally generated and recycled materials in their products, packaging and/or other aspects of their businesses.

To elevate the Vietnamese recycling industry with proven examples that environmentally responsible recycling can be economically feasible and sustainable in Vietnam.