Materials Trading

With our extensive experience in the recycling industry, IAV Global has built up an extensive list of clients around Asia. Not all our clients need the products we process in our factory.

Consequently, they seek our guidance to find reliable sources of quality material. There are two types of material we actively search for our clients ... Plastics and Metals. If you have recyclable scrap products for sale, please contact us.

Information we would need are type, quality, most recent pictures, pictures of the storage facilities, current amount of product, amount of product that can be supplied monthly, pricing FOB local port, and pricing CNF to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Plastics Trading

Some of the Plastics we seek for our clients include scrap/pelletized LDPE film, PS, PET, PA, ABS, HDPE, and PVC.

Metals Trading

Some of the Metals we seek for our clients include the following:

Licensed Importer

Importation of scrap products into Vietnam is strictly prohibited, unless a business has an import license. IAV Global has an import license and can help businesses abroad sell their scrap products within Vietnam.

IAV Global specializes in the import of recyclable plastic scrap and recyclable scrap metals. Other materials can also be imported provided there is a market demand for the product, such as scrap tires. You can contact one of our representatives for more information.

Business Development Consultant

Despite the economic slowdown throughout the world, there are many business opportunities available in Vietnam. Most people see this great opportunity, but do not know where to start. With the multitude of business contacts throughout Vietnam and our years of experience, our staff provides business development consultation services to help those who are interested in starting new business ventures in Vietnam.

Our staff can help represent you when meeting local officials, help broker business transactions, and even help determine equipment needs. You can contact one of our representatives for more information.